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Improve selection, retention and performance with proven online hiring assessments for Long Haul and Delivery Truck Driver.

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What is JOBehaviors?

What's Right For You
JOBehaviors scientifically proven job-specific compatibility assessments help you make training and job choices that are right for you.

Your long-term job satisfaction is our number one goal. Where other job sites simply post your resume and contact information, JOBehaviors provides you with powerful job-specific assessments based on hundreds of behaviors identified as critical for your success and happiness.

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Why JOBehaviors?

At JOBehaviors, our scientifically proven job-specific compatibility assessments enable you to make critical training and hiring decisions that are right for your company.

With JOBehaviors you can create custom search queries that enable you to identify high potential candidates who meet your company’s unique performance needs. Now you have direct access to motivated, high potential candidates, who have given permission to be contacted for the training and/or jobs you offer.

Now you can access FREE laser-focused job compatibility assessments to find the job that’s right for you. Keep your results anonymous or “opt-in” to share your results with our partners offering potential training and/or employment opportunities in high demand jobs in a variety of industries… childcare, healthcare, automotive, education, call centers, banking, construction, distribution, transportation, insurance, sales, sports and others.

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Break Down Communication Barriers
As hard as it can be to focus on a job that is right for you it can be just as hard for employers and training organizations to find outstanding job candidates. But what if you could confirm your potential for job success before opting to allow potential employers and trainers to view your profile? JOBehaviors allows you to control your destiny by assessing your potential for specific jobs anonymously and opting to share your results when you choose.

  • Sign up for your account in less than 5 minutes
  • Create custom query for access to candidates that meet your unique hiring needs
  • Pay only for those results that meet your customized hiring criteria
  • Receive Preferred Partner assessment link for your online recruiting campaigns
  • Quickly focus on high-potential candidates with JOBehaviors comparative star rating system:
    from 1-star
    through 5-star
  • Receive instant results report
  • Receive $150 in star credits when you register (each star credit is equal to $10)
  • Sign up for your account TODAY!

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