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The teller is the person most people associate with a bank. Tellers make up approximately one-fourth of bank employees and conduct most of a bank’s routine transactions. Among the responsibilities of tellers are cashing checks, accepting deposits and loan payments, and processing withdrawals. They also may sell savings bonds, accept payment for customers’ utility bills and charge cards, process necessary paperwork for certificates of deposit, and sell travelers’ checks.

Tellers held about 558,000 jobs in 2004. The overwhelming majority worked in commercial banks, savings institutions, or credit unions. The remainder worked in a variety of other finance and other industries. About 3 out of 10 worked part time.

Employment prospects for tellers have improved recently. Employment is projected to grow, but more slowly than average for all occupations through 2014.
Salaries of tellers may vary with their experience and with the region of the country, size of city, and type and size of establishment.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics- Occupational Outlook Handbook

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