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Transportation and material-moving workers move goods around the warehouse, pack and load goods for shipment, and transport goods to buyers. Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers manually move goods to or from storage and help to load delivery trucks. Hand packers and packagers also prepare items for shipment.

Although some workers need a college degree, most jobs in wholesale trade can be entered without education beyond high school. New workers usually receive training after they begin work-for example, in operation of inventory management databases. Wholesale trade has historically offered good advancement opportunities from the least-skilled jobs up through management positions. For example, unskilled workers can start in the warehouse or stock room. After they become familiar with the products and procedures of the firm, workers may be promoted to counter sales or even to inside sales positions.

Over the 2004-2014 period, wage and salary employment in wholesale trade is projected to grow by 8 percent, versus 14 percent growth for all industries combined.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics- Occupational Outlook Handbook

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