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Electricians specializing in maintenance work primarily maintain and upgrade existing electrical systems and repair electrical equipment.Those who work in large factories may repair motors, transformers, generators, and electronic controllers on machine tools and industrial robots. Those in office buildings and small plants may repair all types of electrical equipment.

Electricians work both indoors and out; at construction sites and in businesses or factories. Work may be strenuous at times and include bending conduit, lifting heavy objects, and standing, stooping, and kneeling for long periods of time.

Most electricians learn their trade through apprenticeship programs. These programs combine on-the-job training with related classroom instruction. Some persons seeking to become electricians choose to obtain their classroom training before seeking a job. Training to become an electrician is offered by a number of public and private vocational-technical schools and training academies in affiliation with local unions and contractor organizations.

Electricians held about 656,000 jobs in 2004. In addition to jobs created by the increased demand for electrical work, many openings are expected to occur over the next decade as a large number of electricians are expected to retire.

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